Mate in one move

A large collection of mate-in-one puzzles to solve by beginners. The first section contains puzzle sets grouped according to the team of chessmen giving mate while the second section emphasises the diversity of mate positions.

Mate in one move (by teams of chessmen)
Mate in one puzzles collected according to the team of mating chessmen assisted by the king: lone rook, two rooks, lone queen, bishop with pawns, knight with pawns, rook with pawns, queen with pawns, just pawns, bishop pair, two knights, bishop and knight, queen and rook, two queens, rook and bishop, rook and knight, queen and bishop, queen and knight.

Mate in one move (diversity of mate positions)
A mate-in-one puzzle collection with various numbers and kinds of mating chessmen. Positions from the games of players associated with my club, some difficult positions composed by my daughter, and positions from database games where the mate in one was not so obvious.