Tactics Training

A chess tactics training free online course for beginners and intermediately advanced learners.

11.     Tactics — The Battery and The Smothered Mate
Mate in N interactive puzzles presenting the battery, the smothered mate, and the hemming in of the mated king.

12.     Tactics — Double Attack as the Most Important Tactical Motif
In these interactive puzzles you are supposed to play White unless specifically stated in the puzzle heading that it is Black’s turn to move. Double attack is understood broadly. This collection includes puzzles involving the attraction of a piece into a double attack danger, the pinning of one piece against another, the skewer, and the chasing away of a defender.

13.     Tactics — Various Tactical Motifs
Interactive chess exercises presenting the following tactical motifs: distraction (deflection), clearance (freeing up a line or diagonal), clearance (freeing up a square), capturing defender, decoying into mate, interference, blocking.

14.     Tactics — Various Tactical Operations
These interactive chess exercises demonstrate various tactical operations: trapping a piece, defensive combinations, counterattack, zugzwang, making use of the asymmetry of the chessboard.

15.     Tactics — Famous Problems and Combinations
Interactive exercises showing beautiful chess puzzles by famous composers and beautiful combinations carried out in tournament games.