Tactics — Famous Problems and Combinations

In these interactive chess tactics puzzles the task is to give mate in a specified number of moves in famous problems compposed by renowned composers or to follow the moves of beautiful combinations performed in chess tournament games.

1. Famous Problems
A collection of famous problems, that is composed puzzles where the task is to give mate in a specified number of moves, composed by renowned chess problem composers.

2. Famous Combinations
A collection of interactive puzzles presenting fascinating combinations performed in tournament games.
A combination is a forced variation (i.e. made up of threats) with at least one material sacrifice which brings a radical and beneficial change in the course of the game. A combination has a goal (checkmate, stalemate, material win, etc.), a theme (something characteristic in the position, usually a weakness or a complex of weaknesses, which inspire the search for energetic tactical operations), and a motif (the means by which the theme is exploited, e.g. double attack, distraction, attraction, capturing defender, clearance, interference, blocking).