Tactics — Various Tactical Operations

Interactive puzzles for chess tactics training where the task is to make the best moves as part of various tactical operations: winning a trapped piece, defensive combinations, counterattack, leading to zugzwang, or making use of asymmetry.

1. Trap a piece
A set of interactive chess tactics puzzles where the task is to win a trapped piece.

2. Defensive combinations
A set of interactive chess tactics puzzles where success – winning or saving a draw – is achieved by the side who is facing difficult problems to solve.

3. Counterattack
A collection of tactical problems to solve where a successful tactical operation is executed by the side that is suffering under a very strong attack from the opponent.

4. Zugzwang — forcing to make an inconvenient move
A collection of interactive puzzles where the task is to put the opponent in a situation where the obligation to make a move leads to damaging an otherwise defensible position.

5. Making use of asymmetry
These puzzles involve moves which make use of some kind of asymmetry in an otherwise symmetrical position.