Tactics — Various Tactical Motifs

A collection of interactive chess tactics puzzles to solve by playing consecutive best moves and applying in key moments various tactical motifs not presented earlier: distraction, line clearance, square clearance, capturing defender, decoy into mate, interference, blocking.

1. Distraction
In these tactics training exercises you should take advantage of an overloaded chessman which defends its fellow chessman in one direction (or guards against mate) by distracting it in another direction.

2. Line Clearance
These tactics training exercises present the clearance of a line with a sacrifice to open a file, a row or a diagonal.

3. Square Clearance
These chess tactics puzzles demonstrate the freeing up of a square by means of a sacrifice. In most cases a square is freed by sacrificing one’s own chessman occupying it in order to make this square available for another chessman. However, in some cases the freeing up of a square controlled by the opponent is understood as removing or distracting the defender of that square.

4. Capturing Defender
In each of these chess tactics puzzles there is a tactical operation involving at least one capture of an enemy chessman which guards against a significant damage or at least one capture to gain access to a weakness.

5. Decoy into Mate
These puzzles begin with a sacrifice which decoys the enemy king into a square from which it is vulnarable to a mating attack.

6. Interference
Interference involves preventing an enemy chessman from controlling a key square by interposing our own chessman or decoying another enemy chessman to interpose. In these chess tactics puzzles the key moment involves the sudden presence of an interfering chessman between an enemy chessman and a key square controlled along its line of action.

7. Blocking
In these interactive tactics puzzles a sacrifice is used to attract an enemy chessman onto a square which otherwise could have been used for the enemy king’s escape. All the smothered mates presented earlier fall under this category.